Influences “Soundbwoy Killah” Sneaker Social Club

We’ve been lucky enough to have heard the LP “Halcyon Daze” by Soundbwoy Killah, forthcoming this Summer on Sneaker Social Club, and to celebrate this fantastic collection of multi-genre electronics we asked the artist for a rundown of inspirational tracks.


It’s been quite the year for Soundbwoy Killah and Sneaker Social Club with multiple releases receiving critical acclaim from press and DJ’s alike, this latest collaboration has already gained support from Lone, Om Unit and Benji B.

“Halcyon Daze” continues the theme of eclectic bass music featured on the “Come My Selector EP” (Sneaker Social Club, 2018), although this time it’s early rave culture and the dawn of the drum and bass era that runs through its core. From the acid bass line in the intro track “Escape Velocity” to the chopped amens of “Heartbeats”, the smooth jungle vibes of “Under The Influence” and the Roni Size style jazz tones of “Under The Influence”, the album references multiple moments from the mid-nineties golden era while contrasting them with tracks like the house and UKG hybrid “Wanna Hold U” and the atmospheric soundscape title cut, “Halcyon Daze”.

Just like the album, this list of inspirational music features blissed out ambience, soulful future garage and jazz-fuelled drum and bass.

Donate Dozzy – Vapourware 07

“A slab of pure euphoria that I could listen to on loop for the rest of my life. I still think about the first time I heard it get played.”

DJ Rashad – Let It Go

“Hard to pick a better example that demonstrates the beauty of simplicity. RIP!”

Chris Mack – Baby Gonna Rock Dis (2 Step Dub)

“At a festival aged 16/17. Walked into a tent where Deadboy was playing a super minimal, skeletal 2 step thing (probs El-B?). Was hooked ever since. 2-step > 4×4 garage.”

Photek – Rings Around Saturn

“Like an onion, this track has just kept revealing more and more layers to me over the years. I love the way the downbeat feels as though it’s changing throughout the entire track.”

EVA808 – Bladed

“Rolling reese bass and soulful vocals done perfectly. EVA808’s productions are mad but this one takes the hat for me.”

D Base – Dreaming

“Another one for the long list of tracks I wish I’d written…”

You can stream “Pang” from the album below. “Halcyon Daze” is due for release on Sneaker Social Club at the end of August.

Stream: Soundbwoy Killah – Pang


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