Vega B2B Holsten Live At Blood Test

It will come as no surprise when I say that UVB-76 is one of my favourite modern labels. Their tracks are direct and to the point, dark without being overbearing, deep yet perfect for moshing around dance floors. They have crafted their own unique sound and have one of the most distinctive brands in drum and bass with their sinister chalk drawn characters.

You can listen to label boss Vega recorded back to back with one of the scenes, and labels, most exciting young producers Holsten recorded live from a recent Blood Test session at the Jam Jar before the UVB76 X Noise Test event the following month.

Links: Bandcamp / Soundcloud


R-CORE “Panic Buttons” (Free Download)

“Panic Buttons” is an energetic throwback to the early days of the rave scene by Sonar’s Ghost hardcore alter ego, R-CORE.

A time when simple loops synced in unison coupled with sampled musical sections and techno elements could create the next big anthem.

Raw, visceral and loaded with the energy of an early nineties teenager “Panic Buttons” pays respect to the DJ’s and artists that helped to forge the UK’s burgeoning breakbeat scene through infamous outdoor raves and obscure white label releases.

Links: Soundcloud / Bandcamp

THG X Noods W/ Foul Play Guest Mix (June 2019)

The June edition of the Two Hungry Ghosts show on Noods Radio features a 30 minute collection of new and upfront tracks selected by Dave Sector, including dubs from Sun People, Missing and Metalheadz. This show also contains a very special guest mix by John from Foul Play containing the radio premieres of the “Drowning In Her” and “Being With You” Rupture VIPS.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (June 2019)

Martyn – Vancouver (Sun People Edit)
Sun People – Challo Challo Motti
Wagz – Hyena
Tyrone – Heaton Dramaz
Madcap – Step To This
Benny L – Vanta Black (Instrumental)
Chromatic Featuring RV – Kavos
Missing – Dubplate Murderer
Sonar’s Ghost – Turn It Out (A Tribute To Tom And Jerry)

**Foul Play Guest Mix**

Missing – Chasing The Dragon
Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse – Drowning In Her (Rupture VIP)
Tim Reaper – Second Chance (Sonar’s Ghost Remix)
??? – ???
Madcap – Pressure
Skeleton Army – Touch (Coco Bryce Rewerk)
Foul Play – Being With You (Rupture VIP)
Foul Play – Dubbing You (Rupture VIP)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 20/06/19 between 14:00-15:00.

Exclusive Premiere: Champion Sound – Vershun Excurshun (Through These Eyes)

Forthcoming on Through These Eyes, a Berlin-based record label, “Vershun Excurshun” by Champion Sound sees the Russian trio fuse electronic dub with drum and bass.

Vinyl only and limited to 300 copies this hand stamped white label features two dancefloor-ready cuts of modern jungle.

Vintage soundclash samples blended with synthetic strings and dub melodies form the main ingredients of “Vershun Excurshun” and on the flip “Through The Roots” contains a clever use of the 1994 RAM classic “Sound Control” by Randall and Andy C.

Authentic modern dub from a trio well versed performing together in a reggae band.

“Vershun Excurshun/Through The Roots” is released on the 28th of June 2019 and is available to pre-order now direct from Through These Eyes.


Exclusive Premiere: Outer Heaven – Still Waters (UVB-76)

Outer Heaven returns to the Bristol-based UVB-76 label for an EP of clinical beats, sour atmospheres and gruelling bass. The follow up to his “Pathos EP”, released back in 2017, contains four tracks, three of them are drum and bass and a fourth is a downtempo piece.

“The Last Men EP” uses a palette of noise, kicks, sub-bass and percussion to craft sinister techno rhythms that capture a sense of building pressure and foreboding with each track generating a unique aura. Like techno, these soundscapes begin full yet minimal creating an environment where the slightest change in rhythm or introduction of a new sound adds momentum or tension. A great example of this is the devasting bass line switch in “Trapline”, avoiding an all guns blazing approach often seen in dancefloor jungle Outer Heaven instead builds energy in his productions before unleashing subtle elements that manage to take the journey in a whole new direction or intensify the current one.

“Still Waters” begins relatively calm before the introduction of fierce bass tones that signal a more turbulent journey ahead. The amen break makes a brief appearance but disappears before it becomes unwelcome, almost like the past coming back to haunt. The beauty in these tracks is how much of an impact Outer Heaven achieves without obvious drum and bass linchpins.

The EP is dark for sure but not in a 90s cliche way. This is sinister without being overbearing. Subtle yet highly charged. Every element has a purpose and space. Beautifully crafted and perfectly executed.

“The Last Men EP” by Outer Heaven is released June 28th 2019 and can be pre-ordered now on digital via Bandcamp. The release will also be available on 12” vinyl.


DJINN “Dubstep Set Live At Rupture”

DJINN recorded live at Rupture playing sixty minutes of old skool dubstep and 140 jungle. This set formed part of the crews 12th birthday celebrations which took place on November 16th 2018 at Corsica Studios.

The next Rupture event takes place this Friday, 7th June 2019, with DJs Digital, Double O and Mantra headlining the main room with an exclusive set from Levl (Forest Drive West, DB1 and Felix X). Fracture and the Astrophonica crew take over Room 2 while John from Foul Play, Coco Bryce and FFF host a jungle session in The Columbian.

DJINN “Dubstep Set Live At Rupture”

Pearson Sound – REM (Pearson Sound)
Perverse – NY State of Mind (Artikal)
SPMC – Airlock (Tempa)
Biome – Quasar (Macabre Unit)
Pugilist – Solaris (Artikal)
Asylum – Salvage (Uprise Audio)
Commodo – Northern Soul (Deep Medi)
Darqwan – Warrior Stance (Texture)
Innasekt – Static (Frijsfo Beats)
Bar 9 – Murder Sound [Cluekid Remix] (Z Audio)
J:Kenzo – Conqueror (2nd Drop)
Darqwan – Jahwan (Tectonic)
DJ Madd – Babylon (Subway)
Sigha And Spherix – Lesser People (Immerse)
Biome And Demon – Incubus (Macabre Unit)
Search And Destroy – Day Break (Destructive)
VIVEK – Spread Love (Deep Medi)
Killawat – Sidewinder [Ipman Remix] (Black Box)
Breakage – Tugz (Digital Soundboy)
​Tes La Rok – Them (Noppa)

Links: Rupture / DJINN


Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (June 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (June 2019)

Amit – Naked Fuse (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Eastern District – Enough EP (31 Records)
Benny L – Vanta Black [Instrumental] (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Osmas – Slum (Forthcoming Citate Forms)
Nazca Linez – Casablanca (Forthcoming 31 Records)
A.Fruit – Before You Go (Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
Sonar’s Ghost – Turn It Out (Forthcoming Seventh Storey Projects)
Sicknote And Dissect – Aqua (Forthcoming Sonic Force)
Justice And Metro – The Hump (Forthcoming MJAZZ)
Infest – Deep Space (???)

Compiled by Dave Sector