Exclusive Premiere: Response And Pliskin – Persecution (Western Lore)

“Persecution” by Response & Pliskin is taken from the forthcoming “We’re All Disturbed” LP, scheduled for release on Western Lore in early July. It also features on the vinyl and digital album sampler (backed with the exclusive and equally mighty “Ostrich”) available late May.

Both tracks are epic in scale with “Persecution” clocking in over twelve minutes and “Ostrich” just under ten. Brimming with anarchic energy they blur the line between techno, hardcore and drum and bass, continuing the Western Lore tradition of challenging club music for raucous dancefloors.

The combination of in your face breaks and loud and proud four fours are reminiscent of 1992, with classics like the remix of Nasty Habits “Mayday Mayday” springing to mind for comparison.

The feeling of the early 90s is also captured in the subject matter of the songs. A desire to wake up and break free from the trappings of everyday society is addressed through the use of vocal samples questioning the role of news media and the control they have over our thoughts and opinions. It’s refreshing to hear artists addressing important topics through their music, encouraging social change and highlighting modern issues.

Response & Pliskin are proving to be a driving force in the current scene with their distinct style and openness to experimentation and sounding different.

We can’t wait to hear what the whole album sounds like.

Buy: Bandcamp


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