Exclusive Premiere: Artilect – Echos (DROOGS)

“Echos” by Artilect is taken from the fourth release on UVB-76 offshoot, DROOGS. Backed by the devastating “Carrier Wave” by Holsten the 12″ and download are set for release on the 17th May.

“Echos” sounds like it was designed to summon a malevolent spirit. A vicious ode to the murky sound of the late 90s built around a tenacious combination of a tribal kick and piercing snare, reinforced with scattered Photek style drum rolls. Bleak atmospherics swirl around this fierce rhythm as an aggressive drone contorts full of hostility and malice.

It’s an uncompromising affair that while paying tribute to the late 90s takes full advantage of modern production techniques with its sonic clarity.

It seems DROOGS can do no wrong as the label continues to get stronger, darker and increasingly anarchic.

Another essential release fortifying its position as a label that is carving its own path seeking inspiration from the past while looking to overthrow the old guard.

Buy: droogsmusic.bandcamp.com

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