Cutting It “A Dubplate Special”

Cutting It “A Dubplate Special” is a short feature put together by Martha McAlpine for Resident Advisor demonstrating the importance of one-off cuts in this digital age.

Featuring contributions by Peckham Cuts, Rye Wax, Pete from On The Corner and a brief cameo by Bob from West Norwood Cassette Library the mini-documentary captures the relevance of physical products and the allure of exclusivity.

Links: Martha McAlpine / Peckham Cuts / Resident Advisor


Exclusive Premiere: Response And Pliskin – Persecution (Western Lore)

“Persecution” by Response & Pliskin is taken from the forthcoming “We’re All Disturbed” LP, scheduled for release on Western Lore in early July. It also features on the vinyl and digital album sampler (backed with the exclusive and equally mighty “Ostrich”) available late May.

Both tracks are epic in scale with “Persecution” clocking in over twelve minutes and “Ostrich” just under ten. Brimming with anarchic energy they blur the line between techno, hardcore and drum and bass, continuing the Western Lore tradition of challenging club music for raucous dancefloors.

The combination of in your face breaks and loud and proud four fours are reminiscent of 1992, with classics like the remix of Nasty Habits “Mayday Mayday” springing to mind for comparison.

The feeling of the early 90s is also captured in the subject matter of the songs. A desire to wake up and break free from the trappings of everyday society is addressed through the use of vocal samples questioning the role of news media and the control they have over our thoughts and opinions. It’s refreshing to hear artists addressing important topics through their music, encouraging social change and highlighting modern issues.

Response & Pliskin are proving to be a driving force in the current scene with their distinct style and openness to experimentation and sounding different.

We can’t wait to hear what the whole album sounds like.

Buy: Bandcamp


THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (May 2019)

A selection of jazz, ambient and dub tracks sampled in 90s drum and bass classics by the likes of Tom And Jerry, Goldie, 4hero, Dillinja and Photek.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (May 2019)

No tracklist.

Broadcast on Noods Radio 16/05/19 between 16:00-17:00.

Exclusive Premiere: Artilect – Echos (DROOGS)

“Echos” by Artilect is taken from the fourth release on UVB-76 offshoot, DROOGS. Backed by the devastating “Carrier Wave” by Holsten the 12″ and download are set for release on the 17th May.

“Echos” sounds like it was designed to summon a malevolent spirit. A vicious ode to the murky sound of the late 90s built around a tenacious combination of a tribal kick and piercing snare, reinforced with scattered Photek style drum rolls. Bleak atmospherics swirl around this fierce rhythm as an aggressive drone contorts full of hostility and malice.

It’s an uncompromising affair that while paying tribute to the late 90s takes full advantage of modern production techniques with its sonic clarity.

It seems DROOGS can do no wrong as the label continues to get stronger, darker and increasingly anarchic.

Another essential release fortifying its position as a label that is carving its own path seeking inspiration from the past while looking to overthrow the old guard.


Exclusive Premiere: Adred And Ant TC1 – 1238 (Metalheadz Platinum)

“1238” is taken from the “Captivate EP” by Adred on Metalheadz Platinum. This track is a collaboration with Headz and Dispatch label manager Ant TC1.

It opens like a techno version of “Music Box” with its undulating drums and vocal loop. Steadily building, cinematic strings begin to shine and a delicate arpeggio starts to glisten over the tracks deep growling bassline creating a balanced and warm roller.

Elsewhere on the EP the late great Marcus Intalex remixes the title track “Captivate” which features the emotion-drenched vocals of Robert Manos reflecting on relationships and decision making. The funky two step cut “Happnast” is another collaboration, this time with fellow New Yorker Dave Owen.

The “Captivate EP” by Adred is available now from the Metalheadz Bandcamp store.


Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (May 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (May 2019)

Holsten – Carrier Wave (Forthcoming DROOGS)
Artilect – Echos (Forthcoming DROOGS)
4625 – Sedition (Forthcoming UVB-76)
Gremlinz And Jesta – Opium Den (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Stones Taro – Full Train (Forthcoming Third Place Dance Discs)
Globex Corp – Volume 9 (Forthcoming 7th Storey Projects)
Fanu And Infader – Never Meet Your Heroes (Forthcoming Lightless)
Skeleton Army – Touch [Coco Bryce Remix] (Forthcoming Killer Smile)
Chris Inperspective – Amber’s Bush (Inperspective Records)
Sicknote And Dissect – Cascade (???)

Compiled by Dave Sector