Exclusive Premiere: Necrotype “Surely” (MJAZZ)

“Surely” by Necrotype is taken from the mini-LP “Necrotape” released by MJAZZ.

This release will available on limited edition cassette, digital download and two tracks will also find their way onto a mega-rare lathe cut vinyl.

The full eight-track album turns back the clock to a time when drum and bass was rapidly evolving and looking to the cosmos for inspiration. Pitched up vocals, house style keys and looped breaks evoke memories of 1993, the combination of Detroit style melodies and time stretched beats reminiscent of early experiments out of Dollis Hill. Uplifting and tender the LP oozes warmth and character as large vocal samples effortlessly merge with the music to give the songs both direction and meaning.

“Surely” will be available on a highly collectable eight-inch lathe cut record backed with the vinyl exclusive rave inspired “Chiggy Pig”.

This release will premiere at Clashmouth this Saturday with any remaining stock being made available on the MJAZZ Bandcamp after the event.

Link: https://modernurbanjazz.bandcamp.com/

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