Exclusive Premiere: dreadmaul – Mercy Sound (Ronin Ordinance)

Ronin Ordinance follows up the wonderfully eclectic “Genso” compilation with two tracks of unadulterated mayhem by German producer, dreadmaul.

“Mercy Sound” and “Sabretooth Dub” are crafted to punish with thunderous amen edits and fierce bass lines. Add ominous chords, bleak atmospherics and dub vocals to the mix and you have all the ingredients for two Rupture style classics.

Not for the faint-hearted, this is rowdy drum and bass designed for the toughest dancefloors and most punishing sound systems.

“Mercy Sound / Sabretooth Dub” is released digitally on the 5th of April 2019.

Buy: Bandcamp

THG X Noods W/ Dave Sector (March 2019)

Sixty minute journey through modern jungle taking in liquid, amen rinse outs, fauxtek breaks and new old school. Selected and mixed by Dave Sector.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (March 2019)

Lenzman – Flatbush (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Javano – Easy Does It (Brackwood Audio)
Sicknote And Sweetpea – The First Time (???)
??? – A1 (White Label)
MAC-V – Paradigm Twist (???)
Acid_Lab – Substance (Self Released)
Skanna – Fine Me [MAC-V Remix] (???)
Contact Lost – Realtime (???)
Acid_Lab – Fear The Fear (Self Released)
Contact Lost – And Here Begins The Future (???)
RQ – Flaming Swords (???)
??? – B1 (White Label)
J Majik – Eclipse (Forthcoming Infrared)
Foul Play – The Finest Break Beat Illusion [Unofficial Edit] (???)

Broadcast on Noods Radio 21/03/19 between 14:00-15:00.

Exclusive Premiere: Justice – Edge Of Space (MJAZZ)

“Edge Of Space” by Justice is taken from the “Fresh Information EP” on MJAZZ. Featuring four tracks of B-Boy fused jungle this collection sees a return to his early techno/DnB experiments.

“Edge Of Space” launches with a heavenly Detroit style melody before old school funky breaks and divine keys transport the track further into deep cosmic territory.

Tony Justice back at his best, straight breaks, uplifting electronics and clean arrangements where each element is given space and its own time to shine.

The “Fresh Information EP” will be released on Friday 22nd March through Bandcamp on digital and vinyl.

Buy: https://modernurbanjazz.bandcamp.com

In The Proximity Of G-Force

Proximity is mostly known for featuring in two famous LTJ Bukem sets, the 1996 Essential Mix and Yaman “The Rebirth”. The track remains unreleased after both the DAT and Akai disks were damaged. We recently talked to G-Force about this before discussing how he got started, early productions, DON FM and the Reinforced Records family.

So, before we get into this is it really true that we have your jeans to blame for Proximity not coming out? You know a lot of people haven’t forgiven your washing machine yet, don’t you?

Yes, this is true! LOL, I made Proximity during the day then finished it early evening recording it to DAT, it was a night that Danny Bukem was cutting dubs so I went over to meet him in Fulham. I got in about 3 am and threw my clothes on my bedroom floor then went to sleep. When I woke up my jeans weren’t there, I ran downstairs and asked my mum where they were and had she checked the pockets? She said they were in the wash and no she hadn’t checked the pockets. The Akai and Atari Cubase disks, as well as the DAT, were all spinning around inside the washing machine.

Legend has it that no-one other than Bukem has a DAT or plate of the unreleased version. You ever tried to get it back?

Bukem may have a dubplate of the track but not a DAT. I’ve never asked him if he still has the dub or if I could get a copy. I’m sure if I did he would send it over. Continue reading “In The Proximity Of G-Force”

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (March 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (March 2019)

Thugwidow – Convinced Of Hope (???)
Sicknote And Sweetpea – The First Time (???)
Bay B Kane – Jazz Mint (Forthcoming Boomsha Recordings)
Various Artists – Beginning with the Drums (Forthcoming Pinecone Moonshine)
Touchy Subject – Shudder (Forthcoming Rua Sound)
Dave Owen, Calculon & Jaybee – Comfort Zone (Forthcoming None60)
TMSV – Ending One (Forthcoming Earthbase)
Om Unit And Kid Drama – Untitled EP (Apollo)
Paracusia – Coming To Terms (Ronin Ordinance)
Pessimist And Karim Mass – LP (Forthcoming Pessimist Productions)

Compiled by Dave Sector