THG X Noods W/ Sonar’s Ghost Guest Mix (February 2019)

Sixty minutes of classic tracks and forthcoming material including an exclusive guest mix by Sonar’s Ghost to celebrate the release of his “The Ride EP” on Dope Plates.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (February 2019)

Textasy – Ambient Track 43-12
Om Unit And Kid Drama – Untitled 4
??? – ???
Solace – Music Of The Nation
Bay B Kane – Jazz Mint
Fanu – Drums For Freedom
Okee – Them Solutions
Fast Floor – Tripping On Sunshine
X-Altera – Link Stratum Of Archipelagos
The Chameleon – Just Close Your Eyes and Listen
L-Major – Raving Cru (Played On 45)
Dillinja – Breathe
Circa 96 – Cave Dweller (Dwarde Caving In Remix)
EZE-G – Music Box
Dust-E-1 – One On One
2 in Time – Deep State
Sonic – 8082devast8
Dead Man’s Chest And Sonic – Pum Flex

Broadcast on Noods Radio 21/02/19 between 14:00-15:00.

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