Exclusive Premiere: Agzilla – Observers (Metalheadz)

A staple of the Icelandic rave/jungle scene Agzilla has just released his debut LP “Cats Can Hear Ultrasound” on the pioneering Metalheadz label.

An eclectic mix of shades and tempos the album rejects the standard preconceptions of what a Headz release should sound like. Focusing on downtempo soundscapes and gritty techno, tracks gracefully flit between genre demonstrating that even after 25 years Metalheadz continue to break sound barriers.

“Observers” is a lo-fi ode to another seminal 90’s record label, Mo Wax. Cosmic chords ride a crusty drum loop in a dreamlike arrangement reminiscent of the era Source Direct and J Majik featured on the eclectic label.

An accomplished debut oversaw by Goldie and the Headz crew “Cats Can Hear Ultrasound” is out now on Metalheadz.

Buy: Metalheadz

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