Exclusive Premiere: K3Bee – Bristle (Next Phase Records)

Next Phase Records are proud to welcome K3Bee to the label with this traditional take on atmospheric Drum & Bass.

No stranger to followers of the Irish DnB scene K3Bee has been heavily involved in supporting the music and promoting club nights for over twenty years. He has had numerous releases on Omni Music and also helps run the Treaty Treats imprint alongside fellow Irishman, jungle stalwart and Subtle Audio label boss Code.

As a DJ K3Bee has supported Drum & Bass luminary LTJ Bukem whose influence shines through here on all four tracks featuring a series of classic breaks smoothly processed and chopped under a sea of delicate chords and graceful pads. These cultivate a sense of freedom and weightlessness where the listener is taken on an audio journey drifting through time and space.

Release Date: 25/1/19

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THG X Noods W/ Tim Reaper Guest Mix (January 2019)

The first show of 2019 kicks off with forthcoming material on Western Lore, Beat Machine and Bun The Grid followed by an exclusive 45-minute mix by Tim Reaper (Globex Corporation, 7th Storey, Blog To The Old Skool).

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods Radio (January 2019)

Javano – Overturn
Sonic – Serendipity
Pablo Dread – Fyah Burnin (Fixate Remix)
Bulu And Etch – Collide (Itoa Remix)
Sonic – Volcan
H.M.P – Runin’s (Origin Unknown Remix)
DJ Rap And Voyager – Rhythm (Remix)
Dwarde, Gand & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol.4 A2
Fugitive – 70 Billion People
Dwarde And Tim Reaper – Night Journey
Cloud 9 – The Ultimate Seduction
Coco Bryce – ??
?? – ??
Spinback – In Effect (Remix)
Tim Reaper – Mental Atmosphere
Kid Lib – ??
Missing – Breakpoint
A One Sound – The Tip-Off
Midi Magic – Fantasia
Lemon D – Don’t Make Me Wait
Sy-uss & Reality – Missing Link

Broadcast on Noods Radio 17/01/19 between 14:00-15:00.

Exclusive Premiere: Ahmad – Blackout (Repertoire)

“Blackout” is taken from the 18th release on key contemporary jungle label Repertoire. A “split” EP between Acid_Lab and Ahmad this twelve inhabits the darker regions of the Drum and Bass universe drawing influence from modern half time techno atmospheres and 90’s Samurai/Ninja tracks.

“Blackout” by Ahmad opens with piercing strings and shakers before the introduction of a hench bassline and sharp rhythmic snares. An ominous fusion of Dub, Techno and DnB Ahmad captures a brooding atmosphere that’s threateningly inauspicious.

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Exclusive Premiere: Javano – Nightlong (Brackwood Audio)

“Nightlong” by Javano is taken from the debut release on the artist’s new label Brackwood Audio.

The EP is as beautiful as it is subtle. Deftly fusing Drum and Bass with Techno the three tracks encompass a romantic glimpse of the future evoking images of utopian cityscapes and celestial travels.

EP’s like this are easy to overlook with a quick skim through the tracks not doing them justice, instead take your time and prepare to be immersed in its delicate warmth.

A strong start to the fledgeling label.

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Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (January 2019)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (January 2019)

Dead Man’s Chest And Posse – EP (Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club)
Agzilla – Cats Can Hear Ultrasound (Forthcoming Metalheadz)
Sonic – 110174 (Forthcoming Western Lore)
Om Unit – Violet EP (Not On Label)
Acid_Lab – Shimazu Clan (Repertoire)
Sonar’s Ghost – The Ride EP (Forthcoming Dope Plates)
Various Artists – Collisional Process Volume 1 (7th Storey Projects)
K3Bee – Bristle EP (Forthcoming Next Phase Records)
Bulu And Etch – Collide [Itoa Remix] (Forthcoming Bun The Grid)
Pablo Dread – Burning [Fixate Remix] (Forthcoming Beat Machine)

Compiled by Dave Sector