Vali NME Click – A Mental Atmosphere (Hardcore Jungle 2012 – 2018)

Mixed by Parallax Recordings boss Vali Nme Click, a selection of his favourite Hardcore and Jungle tunes from the last couple of years plus some forthcoming Parallax bits…

Vali NME Click – Mental Atmosphere (Hardcore Jungle 2012 – 2018)

Tim Reaper – Mental Atmosphere (Forthcoming Parallax)
FX – Twilight (7th Storey Projects)
Response & Pliskin – Plastic Face (Lore LTD)
Time Reaper – Medieval Tune (Globex Inc 5)
Hornchurch Hardcore – Psychosis Revisited (Dark Age)
Junglismonk – Dark Dolla (Modified Magic)
Innercore Project – Pinnacle (ICP 1)
Tim Reaper – TR1 (Dark Age)
Dust e-1 – 4 The Thorough (Collect Call)
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Can´t Touch This (Globex Corp 4)
Innercore – 24 Track Mix (Peace On Wax)
Thumps & Bumps – Bash Your Face In (KHK 002)
Champa B – Brainstormer (Modified Magic)
Tim Reaper – Journey To The Moon (Forthcoming Parallax)
Unknown – New Clear Attack (CRW 001)
Peter Darker feat. Wayne Darkley – R U Read-E (7th Storey Projects)
Eze G – Start It Again Remix (Unatural Light)
Pete Cannon – Answer Me (Kniteforce)
Tim Reaper & Worldwide Epidemic – Operator (Globex Corp)
Hornchurch Hardcore II – Flashback (Dark Age)
DJ Jedi – Automaton (Phat Bubba)
Tim Reaper – Dope Break (Forthcoming Parallax)
Champa B – Drop It Back (Ruff Cutz)
FX – Hound Of The Baskervilles (Demonic Possession)
Unknown Artist – Lo Poisn (CRW 001)
Dub & Wheel – Guidance 93 (Cool ’n’ Easy)
DJ Dextrous & H Pee – TIme To Move [Ben Kei Remix] (Dalston Chillies)
FFF – Digital General (PRSPCT RVLT)
FX – The Devil’s Work (Demonic Posession)
Hornchurch Hardcore – Delta Trip (Dark Age)
Kloke – Artificial Memories (Diamond Life)
Yorobi & Tim Reaper – Rhodiola (Forthcoming Parallax)

Links: Online Store / Soundcloud

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