Exclusive Premiere: Books – Endless Depths (Detuned Transmissions)

“Endless Depths” is taken from the forthcoming Books LP “Station”. It also features on the three-track album sampler alongside the mechanical sound of “Block1” and the ambient soundscape of “Anomie (Melody Of The Infinite)”.

“Endless Depths” is a brazenly dark and haunting modern jungle. Scratchy textures and grey industrial rhythms create an intense expedition into cloudy thoughts and personal insecurity. An understated yet compelling trip into the mind the track will resonate with anyone who has felt at times that the path ahead looks bleak. It’s aura perfectly encapsulated with the powerful vocal hook “In the other direction is an endless depth of black and forever”.

The “Station” digital and vinyl album LP sampler are released October 5th on Detuned Transmissions.

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Exclusive Premiere: Silent Dust – Another Sunlight (none60)

“Another Sunlight” by Silent Dust is taken from the album “Listen To The Night” on none60 Records. The LP features contributions from DRS, SelfSays, Illingsworth, Jon1st, Sina and Zilla Rocca.

“Another Sunlight” is a beautiful combination of an electro sound palette and half time drum and bass. A poignant instrumental which sits among the albums many vocal tracks “Listen To The Night” addresses topics such as relationships and a desire to push forward in life and succeed. It’s an open and honest LP with vocalists telling tales of perceived failures from the past whilst delivering a message of positivity for the future.

“Listen To The Night” is released on the 28th of September 2018 and is available to purchase from the none60 Bandcamp.

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Under The Counter (Volume Four)

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X-Altera – X-Altera (Ghostly International)

The debut self-titled album by X-Altera (otherwise known as Tadd Mullinix or Dabrye) is a perfect example of reflective yet entirely modern composition, a digital love letter to the ghosts of 20 plus years past.

Fusing jungle and techno elements in a 93-95 style will draw obvious comparisons to Jacob’s Optical Stairway (a 4 Hero project for R&S) which whilst arguably justified overlook the influence of other artists on the album. These range from high profile protagonists Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, Justice and A Guy Called Gerald through to the 96 excursions into techno by Photek, the early 90’s breakbeat experiments of The Black Dog and Reinforced releases by Covert Operations, Tek 9 and Project A-KO.

Richly electronic this LP references an era when drum and bass pioneers were injecting a fresh vibrancy into techno. Jungle producers were replacing their Detroit record samples with hardware and synths to craft their own melodies. It was this period of creativity that led to some of the scenes most forward-thinking experiments, much of which were neglected at the time yet revered today.

The album has many stand out tracks including the opening song “Compound Extraprotus” with its alluring build and unexpected piercing stab centerpiece, the 2018 equivalent of Rufige Kru’s “Manslaughter”. The juxtaposition of heavenly atmospherics and nasty bass of “In My Life” and the elegance of “Parallel Rites (Kepler-452b)” and “Holotyd Neo-Optika”.

Whilst heavily influenced by the mentioned producers X-Altera successfully takes this inspiration and crafts a sound truly his own. The LP works in part due to the individual quality of the tracks but its the overall structure of the album that makes this a modern classic. Harmony, balance, rhythm and character are abundant throughout its entire sonic journey. More than a collection of tributes this is a beautifully constructed debut that is polished, adept and an essential listen for anyone who coverts their early Rivets. Continue reading “Under The Counter (Volume Four)”

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (September 2018)

Two Hungry Ghosts Chart (September 2018)

RQ – Interplay (Forthcoming Blu Mar Ten Music)
Q Project – The Guitar Thing (MJAZZ Unreleased)
X-Altera – Check Out The Bass (Ghostly International)
Mahakala – Volume 1 (Forthcoming)
Sicknote, Dissect And Justice – The Promise (Forthcoming MJAZZ)
Holsten – Abscess (Forthcoming DROOGS)
Etch – Groove Control (Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club)
Ornette Hawkins – Bitch Is Blue (Unsigned)
Sonar’s Ghost – Processing Time [Amen Mix] (Self Released)
2 Bad Mice – Hold It Down [Justice And Metro Remix] (Forthcoming MJAZZ)

Compiled by Dave Sector