THG X Noods Radio W/ Dave Sector (August 2018)

30 minutes of Atmospheric Drum and Bass plus 30 minutes of Amen fuelled Jungle.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods (August 2018)

Abyss – Slow And Easy (Intro)
Necrotype – Yosei (Diamond Life)
SoulStructure Featuring Tim Cant – Infinity (Jazzsticks)
Conspire – Supernova (Kriterion)
Tokyo Prose – Brilliant Corners (The North Quarter)
Sonar’s Ghost – Box Of Delights AKA Gabe’s Song (Unreleased)
NCQL – Professional Daydreamer (Subtle Audio)
Sonar’s Ghost – So Deep [Alt Demo] (Unreleased)
Tim And Coco – E Is For [Sonar’s Ghost VIP] (Unreleased)
LQ And Sekkleman – Junglist Rock [Ricky Force Remix] (Echo Chamber Sound)
Sonar’s Ghost – Praise Em [VIP] (Unreleased)
X Nation – Kiss Me Neck (Foundation X Black)
Army Of Ghosts – Dreamin (Unreleased)
The Invisible Man – The Beginning [Army Of Ghosts Remix] (Unreleased)

Many thanks to Coco Bryce aka Yoël Yaïr, SoulStructure, Jamie Conspire and Alexander Kozakopoulos, Code Subtle Audio, Ben LQ, X Nation aka Daniel Vye and my good friend Dominic Stanton for putting out the good good…

Broadcast on Noods Radio 16/08/18 hosted by Dave Sector.

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