THG X Noods Radio W/ Dave Sector (August 2018)

30 minutes of Atmospheric Drum and Bass plus 30 minutes of Amen fuelled Jungle.

Two Hungry Ghosts – Noods (August 2018)

Abyss – Slow And Easy (Intro)
Necrotype – Yosei (Diamond Life)
SoulStructure Featuring Tim Cant – Infinity (Jazzsticks)
Conspire – Supernova (Kriterion)
Tokyo Prose – Brilliant Corners (The North Quarter)
Sonar’s Ghost – Box Of Delights AKA Gabe’s Song (Unreleased)
NCQL – Professional Daydreamer (Subtle Audio)
Sonar’s Ghost – So Deep [Alt Demo] (Unreleased)
Tim And Coco – E Is For [Sonar’s Ghost VIP] (Unreleased)
LQ And Sekkleman – Junglist Rock [Ricky Force Remix] (Echo Chamber Sound)
Sonar’s Ghost – Praise Em [VIP] (Unreleased)
X Nation – Kiss Me Neck (Foundation X Black)
Army Of Ghosts – Dreamin (Unreleased)
The Invisible Man – The Beginning [Army Of Ghosts Remix] (Unreleased)

Many thanks to Coco Bryce aka Yoël Yaïr, SoulStructure, Jamie Conspire and Alexander Kozakopoulos, Code Subtle Audio, Ben LQ, X Nation aka Daniel Vye and my good friend Dominic Stanton for putting out the good good…

Broadcast on Noods Radio 16/08/18 hosted by Dave Sector.

Under The Counter (Volume Three)

Reviews of new releases and fresh promo’s.

Q-Project – Guitar Thing (MJAZZ Unreleased)

This year has seen a plethora of unreleased 90’s music finally see the light of day with a rare few being true sought after “holy grails” from the golden era, “Guitar Thing” falls into this category. Originally played by Jumping Jack Frost, Ratty and LTJ Bukem during the Summer of 1994 it has until now remained unreleased in any form.

Anything with “unreleased” and “as played by LTJ Bukem” in the description is bound to help shift units but like the Peshay & Roger Johnson track “Crazy Daydreams” (finally released last year on Basement Records) there has always been an air of mystery around “Guitar Thing” which only adds to the interest surrounding this release as not much is really known about it. Always believed to be from the Legend Records stable no one knew who it was by with the Invisible Man at one time suggesting he may have worked on it with Quiff whilst also admitting his memory of that era was a “little hazy”. No original release information was mentioned when it was played on KISS and it was also mooted that the track was never finished or properly titled which also added to the intrigue.

Fast forward to 2018 and Tony Justice has managed to secure its release on his new MJAZZ unreleased imprint backed with “Wild Pitched” and a sublime remix of one of their finest Good Looking moments “The Instrumental”. Taken from DAT and remastered by Macc the twelve inch sounds glorious with “Guitar Thing” taking up the A-Side and “Wild Pitched” and “Instrumental (Remix)” sitting comfortably on the flip. A must for any collector of Good Looking or Legend Records this would have been a seminal release when it was originally made and has lost none of its edge now. Minimal yet affirming drum and bass and arguably some of Q-Project’s greatest work from the early days of jungles evolution. Continue reading “Under The Counter (Volume Three)”