SB81 – Live At Vinyl Fantasy (Vinyl Only Jungle Set)

Previously unheard online this live audio of SB81 was recorded on 11th March 2017 at Vinyl Fantasy held at the Cellar Bar, Blackburn. The Metalheadz recording artist performed a storming set of progressive 90’s jungle classics including groundbreaking tracks by Dillinja, Digital, Photek and Goldie.

The club night has featured a wide range of influential DJ’s since its creation including Storm, Crystl, Champa B, FFF, Tim Reaper and Dwarde. The early sessions (including this SB81 set) were strictly vinyl only affairs.

Selected recordings will soon be made public on Mixcloud.

This week has also seen the release of the “Future Point EP” by SB81 on Metalheadz featuring three tracks on vinyl and a bonus cut called “Tribes” on the digital edition. This EP bolsters his reputation for crafting bold ominous soundscapes and adds to the growing furore surrounding the Metalheadz resurgence of breaks.

SB81 – Live At Vinyl Fantasy (Vinyl Only Jungle Set)

No tracklist.

Links: Vinyl Fantasy Events / Metalheadz Bandcamp

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