Champa B – Live At Vinyl Fantasy (Vinyl Only Set)

The second instalment of live mixes recorded at Vinyl Fantasy sees Champa B deliver a riotous sixty minutes of vinyl only tech step, dismantled amens and hefty reese basslines. If ever a set personified the darkness of mid-nineties jungle or Metalheadz at the Blue Note then this is it.

Wild, fast paced and tightly blended this is more than just a run through of classics this is a DJ in his element constructing a live tribute to the pioneers of jungle demonstrating that more than twenty years later its raw energy is still alive and well. Highlights include the introduction of Dillinja’s “Deadly Deep Subs (Remix)” over Adam F’s “Metropolis” and the frenetic onslaught of amens in the second half of the mix. Relentless and energetic this set captures the spirit and vibrancy of a Vinyl Fantasy event and the creativity of modern jungle producers and DJ’s.

Champa B has released his own style of amen fueled jungle on Scientific Wax, Hypercharger, Green Bay Wax, Ruff Cutz, Phat Bubba, Lickshot, Modified Magic and co-runs the Holotype Audio label.

Champa B – Live At Vinyl Fantasy (Vinyl Only Set)

No tracklist.

Links: Vinyl Fantasy / Champa B

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